As the world’s militaries look to light armor to modernize their armed forces, they increasingly look to General Dynamics Land Systems. It’s no wonder. We are a proven international leader in the supply of a wide range of land combat systems.

The General Dynamics Land Systems LAV vehicle is a combat proven solution that combines strategic mobility, maximum survivability and unsurpassed lethality. The LAV also offers proven versatility via a chassis that is adaptable to multiple variants. The ideal combination of speed, mobility and power, the General Dynamics Land Systems LAV boasts significant payload and protection.

The legendary Abrams tank provides troops with a proven, unrivaled and decisive edge in combat. Mobility, lethality, adaptability and maintainability are all important elements, but survivability continues to be the number one discriminator in the Abrams family of tanks. When you combine these survivability features with unmatched quickness and mobility, you have a tank that is formidable and dominates the battlefield.
DSEI United Kingdom: 15-18 September 2015
Gulf Defense & Aerospace Exhibition and Conference: 8-10 December 2015